Welcome to Kestrel and Magnolia.

I have gone with the name Kestrel and Magnolia because I feel as if these two words hold meaning that truly relates to me. The kestrel represents the strength and confidence that I have accumulated through personal growth and the magnolia also represents strength, in a beautiful, feminine way.

kestrel (noun) · a small falcon that hovers with rapidly beating wings while searching for prey on the ground.

magnolia (noun) · magnolias often symbolizes Yin, or the feminine side of life. a white magnolia symbolize purity and dignity.

(fun fact definition) steel magnolia (noun) · a “steel magnolia” is a popular phrase denoting the strength a Southern woman possesses

Please understand that this blog will be raw. I’m not in this to make a job out of it. While I will share meals, recipes, possible product reviews, road trips, and all that fun stuff, I am also not going to shelter anyone from the truths, or from any details of my life. My life goes up, my life goes down, and that is reality. My goal is to give you someone you can relate to. I’m not going to be someone who makes my life appear as if everything is butterflies & rainbows, because it’s not. Especially not with wars going on inside my head on almost a daily basis. But you can be certain I wont let my demons win. And you wont either. Together, we can overcome our worst enemy, ourselves.